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Is Your Agent Costing You Sponsorship Deals by Ignoring Social Media Data?

Neglecting social media data in sponsorship negotiations means missing out on valuable metrics, targeted marketing, real-time tracking, and potential revenue.

Milestone Reached: Over 3,000 Olympians Geared Up for Paris 2024 with 30 Days to Go

3,000+ Olympians geared up for Paris 2024 with deep data insights for creating great content and strategic sponsor connections through

Sponsor Seeker breaks new ground with 2,000 Olympians bound for Paris 2024

First ever psychographic Olympian database. Over 2,000 Olympians on the Road to Paris 2024 are now available on Sponsor Seeker including their social handles.

Securing the Win: A Strategic Guide to Sports Sponsorship presents a succinct guide to sponsorship success in their "8 Steps to Sponsorship" infographic.

Boxing in Canada: A Champion's Journey, Big Data, and Social Media Insights

Join us in supporting #JustinParina's Olympic dream. Boxing champ, dedicated father, aspiring Olympian. Sponsor Seeker dove into inspiring journey to Paris 2024! #GoTeamCanada 🥊

Big Data's Message to Sports: Know Your Fans Better!

Big data & psychometrics unlock remarkable insights in today's digital age. Discovering 27.1M sports fans from 2.5B data points & 6.1M Sports Addicts! Tailor experiences, boost loyalty, optimise revenue.

Surging Popularity: Paddle Boarding's Global Phenomenon Unveiled Through Data Analysis

Unprecedented surge in paddle boarding's popularity. Data analysis reveals its global phenomenon, capturing widespread appeal and influence on enthusiasts worldwide.

Data Driven Sports: A Deeper Dive into Fan Engagement and Strategic Resource Allocation in Saudi Arabia

Sports industry harnesses data, not just numbers but fan behaviours & preferences, to drive reach & engagement in Saudi Arabia. Discover how Sponsor Seeker can cut through the noise.

Empowering the Underdog: Share Of Voice and Audiense Launches Sponsor Seeker to Revolutionise Sports Sponsorship

Swiss agency Share Of Voice launches Sponsor Seeker, providing big data insights to athletes. Users get insights into their follower base and suitable brands. Webinars and premium services offer strategic coaching. Backed by Audiense tech, it aims to promote equitable success.

Unveiling Sports Enthusiasts in Switzerland: A Data-Driven Approach by Sponsor Seeker

Sponsor Seeker identifies sports interest of 5.2M people in Switzerland that also like Lausanne. These are valuable Insights to guide sponsors, sports marketing & event planning.

The Evolution of Sports Sponsorship: A Journey Through Time

The world of sports sponsorship has evolved significantly since its inception in 500 BCE with Roman gladiators. Over time, major milestones such as partnerships with cigarette companies, Coca-Cola's alliance with the Olympic Games, the rise of television broadcasting, and the emergence of social media have transformed the industry.

What is Sponsor Seeker?

Sponsor Seeker is all about empowerment. Watch this brief video which explains why it's important to democratise data. In the coming months, we aim to level the playing and help athletes, teams, sports and brands.

The Data Behind Women Sports

Sponsor Seeker can segment audiences in many different ways. One of them is by gender. Sponsoring women's sports is a very hot topic which is why we have added the ability to understand data that fuels women's sports globally or by specific markets.