Unveiling Sports Enthusiasts in Switzerland: A Data-Driven Approach by Sponsor Seeker

Sponsor Seeker identifies sports interest of 5.2M people in Switzerland that also like Lausanne. These are valuable Insights to guide sponsors, sports marketing & event planning.

What are the interests of people that like 'sport' and 'Lausanne' in Switzerland?

Sponsor Seeker, the pioneering sponsoring analytics platform, has successfully identified significant demographic patterns from a vast dataset of 5.2 million people located in Switzerland. Our proprietary data analysis has revealed that approximately 10% of this sample population, which equates to 517,600 individuals, have explicitly expressed online interests in sports and the city of Lausanne.

This data-driven insight can be precious for sponsors targeting specific demographics or companies seeking to market sports-related products or services, particularly in or associated with Lausanne. Given the city's demonstrated appeal among a sizeable sports-oriented population, it could also be used to guide the planning of sports events or initiatives in Lausanne.