Empowering the Underdog: Share Of Voice and Audiense Launches Sponsor Seeker to Revolutionise Sports Sponsorship

Swiss agency Share Of Voice launches Sponsor Seeker, providing big data insights to athletes. Users get insights into their follower base and suitable brands. Webinars and premium services offer strategic coaching. Backed by Audiense tech, it aims to promote equitable success.

After a successful half-year following its launch, Share Of Voice, a digital agency based in Lausanne, Switzerland, decided to take an innovative and beneficial step forward. With a wealth of big data, the agency recognised the value of such information in understanding the dynamics and intricacies of sports, teams, and brands. Instead of keeping this valuable information under wraps, Share Of Voice decided to make it available for the service of others, specifically to economically disadvantaged athletes.

In its commitment to serving this demographic, Share Of Voice unveiled Sponsor Seeker, a new platform to empower athletes with critical insights from big data. This resource is free for athletes struggling financially, offering them a unique insight into the interests and passions of their followers. Furthermore, the platform also suggests brands that align with the athletes' profiles or personas, reducing the complexity of data interpretation into straightforward and actionable advice.

Users can also participate in regular webinars to maximise Sponsor Seeker's offerings. These sessions aim to provide an overview of the types of content most popular with their audience, enhancing their understanding and ability to utilise the platform's data.

Sponsor Seeker offers a paid version of the service for athletes seeking a more in-depth and personalised service. This premium package includes growth strategies, coaching, and regular catch-up sessions, furthering the possibility of achieving their goals.

In addition to the solutions provided for individual athletes, Sponsor Seeker also offers an enterprise solution intended for brands, agents, teams, and leagues. This offering seeks to provide more extensive data analytics and strategic solutions on a larger scale.

Sponsor Seeker is proud to use Audiense technologies, which power the platform. Some of this technology is already being used by the world's biggest brands, a testament to its capacity and efficiency. The partnership with Audiense demonstrates the reliability and robustness of Sponsor Seeker as a service.

By providing the tools to understand and act on big data, Sponsor Seeker is poised to be a game-changer. It promises not only to level the playing field for economically disadvantaged athletes but also to help brands, teams, and leagues build successful partnerships. As the website sponsorseeker.org goes live, it marks a new chapter in harnessing the power of data to create success stories in the world of sports and beyond.