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In sports, access to relevant data can be the key to unlocking opportunities for athletes, teams, and leagues. But unfortunately, many of them have limited access to such data, hindering their ability to understand their audiences, create targeted content, and attract sponsorships. Recognising this issue, Alex Huot, a seasoned digital leader with over 20 years of experience at the International Olympic Committee (IOC), has launched a new website called Sponsorseeker.org.

Sponsorseeker.org aims to provide crucial data and insights to athletes, teams, and leagues, enabling them to understand their audiences better and create more relevant content. This, in turn, can increase their chances of securing sponsorships and elevate their careers. In addition, the website is designed to bridge the gap between sports professionals and potential sponsors, thus fostering new relationships and opportunities in the sports industry. Alex Huot's extensive experience at the IOC includes the innovation and development of strategies and numerous campaigns, such as the Olympic Athletes Hub, as highlighted in this Wired article

When social media took the Olympics by storm Huot referred to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics in this New York Times story as the "Social Media Olympics," showcasing his forward-thinking approach and understanding of the digital landscape. Sponsorseeker.org is a testament to Huot's vision and dedication to empowering athletes, teams, and leagues through data-driven insights. By providing them with the necessary tools to better understand their audiences and create more engaging content, the platform, which was developed by Audiense leaders in data and insights, has the potential to revolutionise the way sports professionals attract sponsorships and advance their careers.

Sponsor Seeker is operated from Lausanne, Switzerland, from the Maison du Sport International, home of 35 International Sporting Federations and organisations, at avenue de Rhodanie 54, 1007 Lausanne.

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